Energy Providers

The energy industry is increasingly challenged to find ways to maximize production and profits while protecting the environment, particularly the quantity and quality of our water resources. Energy providers must operate within multiple permit guidelines from local and federal agencies; regulate the effects of heat and other pollutants generated by their operations to protect often fragile ecosystems surrounding their facilities; employ water conservation technologies, so as not to deplete the quantity of fresh water in the vicinity of plants — and do all these things while cost-effectively providing sufficient power to their users.

LimnoTech provides a range of services to energy providers grounded in the best science and engineering to support cost-effective decisions to help them protect the environment.

Contact Laura Weintraub or Hans Holmberg to find out how we can help.

LimnoTech Provides

  • Data analysis & statistical evaluations

  • Field studies

  • Fish impingement & entrainment characterization studies

  • Mixing zone studies

  • NPDES permitting & TMDL support

  • Stormwater management

  • Strategic guidance for cooling water intake effect minimization [CWA 316(b)]

  • Thermal plume impact studies [CWA 316(a)]

  • Water sustainability assessment & planning


  • "There is a lot of competition out there, and the fact we have used . . . and continue to use LimnoTech says a lot in itself."

    Bill Thomas Reliant Energy, Johnstown, PA


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