Fisheries Assessment & Taxonomy

Fisheries provide valuable benefits including ecosystem services, job creation, food, and recreational opportunities. Regulatory agencies, trustees for natural resources, industries, companies, and nonprofit organizations are often challenged by complex issues surrounding fisheries protection and management. At LimnoTech, we empower our clients to make better management decisions and help them minimize risk by using efficient, effective, cutting edge science and new technologies.

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LimnoTech has a national reputation for the scientific assessment of complex environmental issues and for finding innovative and effective solutions, especially as they relate to new and emerging challenges in the water environment. We constantly strive to find the best ways to gather high-quality environmental data, and rapidly and efficiently assimilate that information into our technical evaluations to answer our clients’ questions.

Our scientists and engineers have conducted years of research to better understand the scientific basis of source water baseline biological characterization, aquatic life response to stressors, and the potential benefits of fish protection technologies. We have extensive experience in hydrodynamics, geomorphology, and the chemistry and biology of water. We have field crews, boats, sampling equipment, and the scientific understanding to run targeted sampling and experimental programs to allow us to answer complex questions in systems as large as the Great Lakes and coastal zones to as small as local streams and creeks. We are also well-versed in the field methods and laboratory protocols required for the highest level of data quality management.

Fisheries studies often require the use of different monitoring techniques to better understand the physical and biological characteristics of a system. We can employ several different types of collection methods to assess the larval, juvenile and adult fisheries community, including electrofishing, surface, mid-water and bottom trawls, seine nets, gill nets, and water pumps. When needed, we also utilize cutting edge fisheries technologies such as hydroacoustic surveys, acoustic telemetry, and genetic methods.

Our goal is to help our clients, who are charged with safeguarding and managing local water resources and fisheries, solve complex problems with focused and effective solutions.

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  • 316(a) Evaluations (assessment of balanced, indigenous populations)

  • 316(b) Evaluations (entrainment, impingement)

  • Assessment of Distribution/Extent of Fish Habitat & Sensitive Species

  • Boat Usage & Fishing Pressure Surveys

  • Computer Model Development

  • Custom Biotic Integrity Indices Development

  • Endangered & Invasive Species Assessment

  • Fish Behavior Studies (including acoustic telemetry)

  • Fish Community & Lower Trophic Level Impact Studies

  • Fishery Location Forecasting

  • Fish Passage Studies

  • Genetic Identification & Monitoring

  • Hydroacoustic & Video Fish Evaluations

  • Noise Production Surveys

  • Physical Habitat Studies

  • Phytoplankton/Zooplankton/Macroinvertebrate/Fisheries (larval, juvenile, adult) Data Collection, Analysis & Interpretation

  • Pre- & Post-Construction Surveys

  • Research Proposal Development & Study Planning

  • Web-Based Tools for Fish Identification & Classification


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  • "Following 10 years of research and consulting collaborations, I decided to engage formally with LimnoTech because they epitomize the entrepreneurial mindset to offer innovative engineering solutions to emerging environmental needs, as a value-added service to clients."

    Peter Adriaens University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


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