Sustainable Agriculture

As demands on limited water resources increase in the face of development, population growth and climate change, effective water resource management is essential for sustainable food production in both rain-fed and irrigated agricultural systems. LimnoTech is a leader in environmental issues related to agriculture. We develop innovative strategies and customized Decision Support Tools (DSTs) that our clients use to solve their most challenging agricultural problems.

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Companies in the food and beverage sector recognize that having a sustainable supply of water and agricultural ingredients is essential for continued growth and success. We help our clients develop strategies and tools to facilitate the sustainable production of food, fiber, and other plant and animal products while supporting economic growth as well as protecting water resources.

We specialize in developing water stewardship roadmaps to help companies understand where and how water intersects with their business, local water impacts of the business, and where the business is most exposed to water-related risks. We have conducted risk assessments for crop growing regions, based on various indices and research on water availability, water quality, regulations and water rights. LimnoTech has performed water footprint assessments for agricultural products ranging from orange juice to onions to help companies and consumers understand water use from farm to table. We have also developed and applied watershed models that link land use practices and management practices at the farm level to water quality outcomes in downstream receiving waters. We help companies communicate the positive impacts of their stewardship initiatives by quantifying and reporting the benefits of numerous sustainable agriculture projects.

Across all projects, we bring the best science, technology, and innovation to support our clients in making informed decisions related to sustainable agriculture. Our goal is to help our clients solve their most challenging agricultural problems and to empower them to make sound investments that lead to sustainable and resilient outcomes.

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  • Decision Support Tool Development (desktop, mobile, tablet, web)

  • Metrics Quantification

  • Soil & Water Conservation Assessment

  • Water Accounting & Risk Assessment

  • Water Strategy Development

  • Watershed Modeling & Assessment


  • “Globally, 70% of all Freshwater Withdrawals are for Agriculture.”

    Source: Food and Agriculture Organization, AQUASTAT


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