Environmental Data & Information Management

Complex and disparate datasets containing big data and geospatial information are part of the information age we currently live in. Tools for data management and visualization give us better, faster ways to do the things we’ve always done with these datasets ‒ access data, ensure data quality, and provide support for analysis, understanding and decision-making. LimnoTech’s decades of experience give us an unrivaled understanding of how to improve environmental management with information technology. This understanding helps our clients move in a rigorous and defensible manner beyond analysis and evaluation to informed decision-making.

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High-quality data are essential for developing a clear understanding of water resources and their long‐term management. LimnoTech has been generating and synthesizing environmental data for decades. The development of data management systems, data visualization tools and targeted data products has been a critical part of our work in monitoring, modeling and managing water resources. We have learned over our history that data must be accessible, transparent, and usable at the right spatial scales and time periods to support a thorough understanding of a water resource.

We understand that our clients often need a data architecture and analytics platform that can support decision-making ranging from the area of permit compliance to large-scale ecosystem restoration. We also understand and place emphasis on how data and information management tools can be used to decipher status and trends, to quantify and demonstrate progress, to provide quick access to the latest data across an organization, and to allow for a consistent way to evaluate and report findings.

We have experience with a wide range of platforms that use environmental data, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), and individualized reporting to characterize environmental conditions in a manner that helps our clients develop sensible, effective, and consensus-based solutions. LimnoTech’s environmental data and information management expertise includes the development of web- and cloud- based data platforms, customized reporting, and map-based tools. Our extensive capabilities include relational database frameworks (Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL), server-side web frameworks (ASP.NET, .NET Core, Django Python, Shiny – R), core web markup and client-side languages (HTML5, CSS, and Javascript), geospatial service hosting (ArcGIS for Server, PostGIS/GeoServer), web mapping APIs (OpenLayers 3, ArcGIS API for Javascript, Leaflet), desktop GIS software and customized applications (ArcGIS / ArcObjects, DotSpatial), and .NET Framework desktop applications (Visual Basic.NET and C#). We always work closely with our clients to identify and implement the software solution that best fits their needs.

LimnoTech has successfully developed data management and reporting tools for clients from many sectors, such as industrial operations, federal and state level agencies, and non‐governmental organizations. Our suite of data system solutions addresses a range of different needs, including ecosystem and natural resource management support, remedial planning support, restoration site selection and prioritization, stakeholder outreach, and public communication. With over 40 years of experience and renowned industry expertise, LimnoTech provides custom solutions to meet your needs.

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  • Data Management & Communication Systems

  • Data Visualization

  • Database Development & Management

  • Decision Support Tool Development

    (desktop, mobile, tablet, web)

  • ESRI Story Map Development

  • GIS Data Development & Management

  • Graphic Design

  • Graphic User Interface Software Design, Implementation & Maintenance

  • Map Viewers (desktop, mobile, tablet, web)

  • Real‐Time Data Dissemination & QA/QC

  • Website Development


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  • "The Watershed Management Division recently worked with LimnoTech (Project Manager, Todd Redder) to develop and deploy an online mapping tool [Clean Water Roadmap (CWR)] for both public and internal Division use…the Division very much appreciated the LimnoTech staff’s ability to listen and truly grasp the needs of the Division and public end-users…Throughout the project, LimnoTech’s excellent technical capability also became apparent. The final product manipulates a huge and complex data set and displays it in a very user-friendly and intuitive way. The CWR is currently up and running and has received early praise from multiple stakeholders."

    TMDL Coordinator Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation


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