Urban Revitalization & Green Design

LimnoTech is bringing innovative green design practices and urban revitalization to cities worldwide. We believe a healthy relationship with water is the right place to start. We understand how water and water issues relate to redevelopment, and to the broader goals of a vibrant and resilient modern city. We have put our passion and expertise to work to develop world-class waterfront and green infrastructure design solutions for the cities of Toronto, St. Louis, Tulsa, Austin, Dallas, Boston, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Washington, DC.

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Our work in urban water resources is right at the center of two major trends: an increased focus on sustainable practices to benefit the environment, and a population shift back to cities with livable urban environments. These trends build on strong connections between water and people. Urbanization can significantly impact streams, waterways and harbors through altered hydrology and geomorphology; channelization and loss of floodplain connectivity; degraded habitat and loss of species diversity; and excessive pollutant loading. In addition, continued population growth and aging infrastructure is increasing the pressure on our water resources. LimnoTech staff are expert at finding creative ways to address water resource challenges and enhance the human experience in the urban environment at the same time.

Urban revitalization and redevelopment requires the integration of urban planning, infrastructure development, architecture, street and civic space design, real estate development, historic preservation and adaptive reuse, economic development, social equity, and community engagement. LimnoTech has decades of experience in urban water issues combined with a unique capability to merge our technical expertise with the design and planning capabilities of our world-class teaming partners to provide superior solutions for our clients.

We also help cities employ green design and green infrastructure technologies to address stormwater management, combined sewer overflow (CSO) reduction, Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) compliance, and urban river and stream restoration. Our close integration with urban design enables us to use projects to improve neighborhood aesthetics and quality of life, provide habitat for birds and other wildlife, and also create educational opportunities on the human-water connection. Our green infrastructure work throughout the US extends from high-level planning of green development practices and permit integration to site-level design, implementation, and performance monitoring.

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  • Ecological Flow Analysis & Management

  • Ecological Restoration Planning & Design

  • Evaluation of Flooding & Engineered Controls

  • Framework Planning & Implementation

  • Green Infrastructure (GI) & Low Impact Development (LID) Concept Planning & Design

  • Land Use Planning & Management

  • Permitting Support (USACE, CWA, CERCLA, RCRA, State/Local)

  • River Restoration Planning & Design

  • Sediment Fate & Transport Modeling

  • Sediment Management Planning & Design (dredging, quality evaluations, reuse)

  • Urban Hydrology & Hydraulic Analysis & Modeling

  • Water Quality Assessment & Modeling


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  • "Water is a global problem and this [project] sets forth a model for cities to prove the benefits of trees and green roofs. It's so impressive, easily understandable, and clear in its intention. It's particularly impressive that there were multiple agencies involved. This is much needed and important work!"

    ASLA Professional Awards Jury DC Green Build-Out Model Project


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