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The AWS Water Stewardship Standard is a robust, internationally-recognized framework and certification for organizations to demonstrate a commitment to water stewardship. As leaders in the evolving space of corporate water stewardship, LimnoTech provides accredited training, consulting, and auditing support for organizations looking to initiate, develop and share their water stewardship journey through AWS implementation.

The Challenge

A company’s water use can have wide-reaching impacts that affect its bottom line, reputation, future risk, and nearby water users. The AWS Standard is a globally-applicable framework that a site can use to understand their water use, potential water risk, watershed context, and shared concerns in terms of water governance, water balance, water quality, and important water-related areas. It is a voluntary, six-step continual improvement framework that enables water users to commit to understand, plan, implement, evaluate, and communicate water stewardship actions within their site and watershed. The AWS Standard leads sites to engage in meaningful individual and collective actions that benefit people and nature. Through the development of a water stewardship plan, a site sets targets and implements responsible practices that mitigate water risks, improve efficiency, and address shared water challenges. Implementation of the AWS Standard may benefit an organization by:

  • Mitigating current and future physical (water quantity and quality) or reputational risk
  • Identifying opportunities to improve efficiency of operations
  • Helping address shared water challenges in the watershed through stakeholder engagement, involvement in watershed-based actions, and strengthening of relationships within the community
  • Demonstrating actions as a responsible water steward and increasing awareness of ongoing positive work
  • Integrating ongoing water stewardship activities into a logical, cohesive framework

How We Help

LimnoTech supports companies through the AWS Standard implementation process. We worked with AWS as the standard emerged by pilot testing a beta version at several industrial facilities. We are accredited by AWS to deliver capacity building, support and assessment services. Our involvement with the AWS Standard has grown as the implementation of the AWS Standard has expanded globally and across sectors. Here is how we support others:

Accredited training: We provide training sessions for potential implementers of the AWS Standard in large and small group settings. We have conducted or co-conducted (with AWS-North America and WWF USA) training sessions in Los Angeles, CA; Atlanta, GA; and Ann Arbor, MI.

Accredited consulting: We help implementing sites navigate and demonstrate conformity with all aspects of the standard, including data gathering, water risk identification, stakeholder outreach, water stewardship plan development, implementation, evaluation, and disclosure. We can start with a gap analysis and then, if desired, guide clients through the path towards certification. Clients are well-prepared for a third-party conformity assessment, which will lead to formal recognition as a water steward.

Certification audit technical support: We provide technical support and expertise for conformity assessment bodies conducting independent certification audits. We are water experts. Our involvement includes pre-audit review and on-site technical expertise and support.


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