Benefit Accounting of Nature-Based Solutions for Watersheds Guide Cover

March 22, 2021

Nature-based solutions (NBS) use or mimic natural processes to meet societal and environmental needs. NBS have the potential to combat pressing global problems, including climate change, water security, and biodiversity loss. For example, NBS can be used to restore, manage, or protect water resources while also increasing biodiversity and providing additional socio-economic benefits.

A key challenge for businesses and corporations to utilize and implement NBS is the lack of a standardized method to identify, estimate, and monitor the benefits, making it hard to build the case for investments in these solutions. This new guide, “Benefit Accounting of Nature-Based Solution for Watersheds,” provides direction on how to account for the benefits of NBS, helping users identify and account for the stacked water, carbon, and biodiversity benefits provided by these solutions and additional socio-economic benefits accrued.

Accounting for NBS benefits will improve a company’s impact monitoring and help build the business case for these “green” solutions, thereby supporting widespread implementation. This work aims to increase the overall awareness of the value of NBS and increase investments in NBS, not only for ecosystem health and community development but also for businesses directly. Overall, NBS helps companies reach corporate sustainability goals, regulatory compliance, and a financial return on investment.

The guide was developed by the CEO Water Mandate, the Pacific Institute, The Nature Conservancy, Danone, and LimnoTech.

To learn more about how NBS could be implemented in various habitats and more, you can download the guide here.

If you want to learn more about this NBS initiative and/or how your organization can get involved, check out this post from the CEO Water Mandate and the Pacific Institute.

If you have any questions and/or would like to learn more about the guide or benefit accounting of NBS, feel free to contact Wendy Larson at or Tim Dekker at

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