May 14, 2017

A paper by LimnoTech authors Laura Weintraub, Hua Tao and Todd Redder, “Water Prism: A Tool to Assess Water Availability Risk and Investigate Water Management Strategies,” was recently published in the Journal of American Water Resources Association. The subject of this paper is a decision-support tool developed by LimnoTech with funding from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). The tool is designed to assist water-planning decision-makers to better understand regional water risk and the potential benefits of water-saving technologies within the context of available supply. The highly visual and technically robust tool represents watershed hydrology based on an underlying watershed model, computes the cumulative impacts of competing water demands for individual water sectors, and illustrates the benefits of community water-sharing strategies. This tool has gained international recognition and been the topic of presentations at numerous conferences in the United States and internationally. For access to the paper, click here.

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