January 26, 2018

LimnoTech is delighted to announce the promotion of Laura Weintraub to Associate Vice President. Laura is a dedicated, smart, and insightful leader who is committed to working with our clients to solve the most complex and challenging water environment problems.

Laura, an environmental and water resources engineer, has been with LimnoTech for over 10 years, formerly serving as a Senior Engineer. She has supported public, private, and research clients for over 20 years through TMDL, watershed planning, water sustainability, stormwater management, source water protection, and decision-support system development projects. Laura has a particular interest in water issues faced by the electric power industry. She has led a wide range of cutting-edge projects for the electric power sector on water availability planning, 316(b)/316(a) compliance, corporate water stewardship and sustainability assessment, TMDLs, cross–pollutant trading, and watershed management.

Laura brings the highest standards of leadership, innovation and problem-solving to our firm’s management team. She led the development of the Electric Power Research Institute’s Water Prism, a decision-support tool for examining cumulative benefits of water-saving management strategies across all water use sectors within a watershed, and was co-developer of WARMF, a watershed model and management decision-support system. Laura is a sought-after expert on issues related to water stewardship and sustainability, and has helped develop strategic plans for corporations and institutions. She is also one of the few accredited consultant and trainers in the U.S. for the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) International Water Stewardship Standard.

Laura will continue to provide leadership and help advance LimnoTech’s work in electric power, corporate water stewardship and sustainability, and water resource management service areas. She will also support key corporate operational activities from LimnoTech’s Ann Arbor office.

We are thrilled to welcome Laura as an Associate Vice President, and are thankful for her leadership as we work to help our clients create an environment with clean water and healthy ecosystems. Please feel free to contact Laura to learn more about her work or to congratulate her on a well-deserved promotion.

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