September 29, 2017

LimnoTech staff will be participating in WEFTEC 2017 (McCormick Place | Chicago, IL), recognized as the largest annual water quality conference in the world. The conference serves as a forum for domestic and international business opportunities; and promotes invaluable peer-to-peer networking among registrants. Our staff will be presenting papers and moderating several sessions. Look for us at these events and check our Twitter page throughout the conference for where we will be, and stop to say hello!

Tad Slawecki, Moderator │ Session 104: How Well Is the TMDL Program Working? │ Date: Monday, Oct 2, 10:30 AM │ Location: McCormick Place, Room S402b

Peter Klaver, Presenter │ Session 213: Collection System Tunnels: From A to Z │ TitleInvestigation and Mitigation of Street Flooding Events at a Combined Sewer Overflow Storage Tunnel Diversion Structure: Portland Case Study │ Date: Monday, Oct 2, 4:30 PM │ Location: McCormick Place, Room N426a   Co-Authors: Jason Rutyna (LimnoTech), David Collins (David J. Collins Engineering), Kurt Robinson (City of Portland)

Carrie Turner, Assistant Moderator  Session 316: Modeling: Changing the Spotlight │ Date: Tuesday, Oct 3, 8:30 AM │ Location: McCormick Place, Room S502b 

Tad Slawecki, Moderator  Pavilion Session 331: The Internet of H2O: Innovation Challenge to Create a Smart Lake │ Date: Tuesday, Oct 3, 9:30 AM │ Location: McCormick Place, Booth 7739, Hall B

Hans Holmberg, Assistant Moderator  Session 428: Better Nutrient Reduction Through Watershed Based Permitting │ Date: Tuesday, Oct 3 3:30 PM  Location: McCormick Place, Room S404a

Carrie Turner, Moderator  Session 515: Bacteria: Trust Your Gut! │Date: Wednesday, Oct 4, 8:30 AM │ Location: McCormick Place, Room S502b

Carrie Turner, Co-Author  Session 515: Bacteria: Trust Your Gut!  Title: SSO 700 IWAP Water Quality Sampling Program: Purpose, Design, Implementation, and Findings Date: Wednesday, Oct 4, 9:45 AM  Location: McCormick Place, Room S502b   Author: Katie Bollmer (CH2M); Other Co-Author: Matt Spidare, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati

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