February 26, 2018

Peter Klaver will be presenting at the 51st International Conference on Water Management in Toronto, Ontario, on February 28. The conference brings together professionals from around the world to exchange ideas on current practices and emerging technologies in water management. Emphasis is on state-of-the-art computer modeling for resolving water quantity and quality problems in stormwater, wastewater, watershed and water distribution systems. Peter and co-authors Joshua Hallsten and Jon Bergenthal, of Jacobs, are presenting a paper titled, “Application of a hydraulic and pneumatic transient model to investigate pavement heaving near a drop structure for a large-diameter relief sewer in a combined sewer system.

LimnoTech is an established industry leader in advanced hydraulics and computational hydraulics with a broad range of applications in rivers, lakes/reservoirs, and coastal systems; municipal water and wastewater systems; and the industrial and energy sectors. We provide our clients with the information and tools needed to support decisions about hydraulic structure design, CSO tunnels, water intake structures, discharge plumes, and riverine and coastal structures.

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