Build Your Career Path

LimnoTech emphasizes personal and professional development by providing the tools and work environment you need to build your own unique career path. Opportunity for professional development is a cornerstone of LimnoTech’s philosophy and culture. Pursue your professional passion, build your expertise, and make your own mark on the profession and the environment.

Continuing Education

Training is a continuous process for all LimnoTech staff, with mentor-protégé relationships as the foundation for career development. In-house training opportunities are offered in project management, technical writing, environmental regulations, and modeling. LimnoTech staff also participate in external workshops, seminars, and conferences. LimnoTech supports and facilitates regular forums for staff to present and share their work with the company. We also encourage individual initiative by promoting publications, presentations, research, certifications, licenses, and professional leadership activities.

Reward for Achievement

LimnoTech values and rewards high achievement within a supportive working community. Individual achievement is rewarded through a unique merit review process based on recommendations from colleagues at all levels of the company, plus positive feedback from clients. This system drives pay raises and increased project and corporate responsibility. We track individual progress annually to ensure competitiveness within our industry and identify opportunities for targeted professional development.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Our organizational structure and culture encourages teamwork. We foster a working environment that embraces collaborative learning through mentorship and continuous improvement. Our project teams are cross-disciplinary, helping our staff continually grow into new areas and levels of expertise. We firmly believe that collaboration between individuals with different perspectives fosters innovation and creativity, which is vitally important for the work that we do.


We are committed to a diverse workforce and equal opportunity. Employees are hired and promoted solely on their competence to perform the work, without regard to age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation regarding gender preference, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

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