Tim Dekker, PHD, PE

Tim Dekker, PHD, PE, is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LimnoTech and is also a Member of the LimnoTech Board of Directors. Tim is an Environmental and Water Resources Engineer [...]

Paul Freedman, PE, BCEE, F. ASCE, F. WEF

Paul Freedman, PE, BCEE, is co-founder and Board Chair of LimnoTech. Since 1975 Paul’s career has encompassed the full history of progress under the Clean Water Act, constantly emphasizing [...]

Scott Bell, PE, BCEE

Scott Bell, PE, is the Vice President of Business Operations and a Senior Environmental Engineer. Scott has been with LimnoTech since 1992. He manages projects for various industrial, municipal, [...]

John F. Bratton, PHD, PG

John F. Bratton, PhD, PG, is LimnoTech’s Senior Science Officer and has broad expertise in earth and environmental sciences. He has led successful projects involving large ecosystem restoration, [...]

Patti Fosbender

Patti is a Finance Officer at LimnoTech. Patti leads and manages our financial and administrative teams and is central to our operations and financials. Patti oversees LimnoTech’s financial [...]

Daniel Herrema, PE

Daniel Herrema, PE, is the Vice President of General Operations and the Regional Manager of the Mid-Atlantic office in Washington, DC. . Dan is a Professional Engineer with nearly three decades [...]

Palencia Mobley, PE

Palencia Mobley, PE, is a Member of the LimnoTech Board of Directors. Palencia is an experienced and accomplished executive with a demonstrated history in the water industry. She is a strategic [...]

Hans Holmberg, PE

Hans Holmberg is the Vice President of Staff Development and a Senior Water Resources Engineer at LimnoTech. He leads water resource projects addressing various issues, including watershed [...]

Gregory Peterson

Greg Peterson is the Vice President of Financial Operations and is also a Member of the LimnoTech Board of Directors. Greg also leads our federal sector program management and business [...]

Todd Redder, PE

Todd Redder, PE, is the Senior Technology Officer at LimnoTech. Todd’s principal expertise is developing and applying mathematical models for evaluating hydrodynamics, water quality, [...]