Kate Blumhardt

Kate Blumhardt is the Marketing and Proposal Coordinator on LimnoTech’s marketing team. Her background includes integrated marketing communications and experience coordinating healthcare [...]

Kristina Clarke

Kristina Clarke is an Administrative Assistant at LimnoTech. Kristina provides administrative support to our accounting, technical, management, and leadership teams. Kristina has over 20 years of [...]

Nicole Robinson

Nicole Robinson is an Accounting Specialist at LimnoTech, leading the Accounts Receivable team. Nicole has more than 18 years of experience in accounting. She works closely with project managers [...]

Carol Washington

Carol Washington is an Accounting and Administrative Assistant at LimnoTech. Carol’s primary role is working on the accounting team. Carol is the direct invoicing contact for a large number of [...]

Jen Werner

Jen Werner is an Accounts Payable Specialist at LimnoTech. Her responsibilities include accounts payable, disbursements, collections, purchasing, vendor setup, 1099s, subcontractor insurance [...]

Heather Woodman

Heather Woodman is an Administrative Assistant at LimnoTech. Heather provides administrative support to our accounting and technical staff and is critical in keeping our offices running smoothly. [...]