Kate Blumhardt

Kate Blumhardt is the Marketing and Proposal Coordinator on LimnoTech’s marketing team. Her background includes integrated marketing communications and experience coordinating healthcare [...]

Kristina Clarke

Kristina Clarke is an Administrative Assistant at LimnoTech. Kristina provides administrative support to our accounting, technical, management, and leadership teams. Kristina has over 20 years of [...]

Beth Grimm

Beth Grimm is the Controller at LimnoTech and leads and manages the financial and administrative teams. Beth oversees LimnoTech’s financial systems, company purchasing and investments, auditing, [...]

Nicole Robinson

Nicole Robinson is a Senior Accounting Specialist at LimnoTech, leading the Accounts Receivable team. Nicole has more than 18 years of experience in accounting. She works closely with project [...]

Carol Washington

Carol Washington is an Accounting Specialist at LimnoTech where she is the direct invoicing contact for a large number of LimnoTech’s projects and project managers. She works with LimnoTech’s [...]

Jen Werner

Jen Werner is an Accounts Payable Specialist at LimnoTech. Her responsibilities include accounts payable, disbursements, collections, purchasing, vendor setup, 1099s, subcontractor insurance [...]

Heather Woodman

Heather Woodman is the Office Manager at LimnoTech. Heather manages daily office operations and oversees administrative support to our accounting and technical staff and is critical in keeping [...]