We succeed together.

“Being an ESOP company, we are all invested at a fundamental level. This strengthens our culture and drives us to work harder – together – to better serve our clients and reach for success as a LimnoTech team.” – Laura Weintraub, Vice President

The heart of our organization is our people. This has been our foundation since day one, and being an employee-owned company is an extension of LimnoTech’s culture. Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) turns employees into owners who, as stockholders, participate directly in the company’s growth and financial success. The company’s stock shares are held by an ESOP Trust. All eligible employees receive shares and cash contributions to their Trust account. Enrollment in our ESOP is automatic and costs nothing. All contributions are held in Trust to grow until retirement or separation.

Only a small percentage of firms nationwide are employee-owned through an ESOP. Employee-ownership rewards teamwork, dedication, commitment, and success. It supports the long-term sustainability of LimnoTech and provides a significant retirement benefit. With an ESOP, our ideals and core values are reinforced. We are driven to deliver excellence in our work and service to our clients. We are driven to succeed together.

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