Detroit West Riverfront Park

Image Credit: Michael Van Valkenburgh and Associates

June 5, 2019

Tim Dekker, LimnoTech’s President, will be serving as a panelist and speaker at the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative 2019 Annual Conference in Sheboygan, Wisconsin on June 5. Each year the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative invites panelists and speakers to talk on a central theme concerning municipalities and the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. This year’s theme is Living Blue: Transforming Waterfronts.

Tim and Elizabeth Silver of Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates will be presenting during a panel discussion titled “Creating Healthier Communities through Waterfront Access.” The title of their presentation is “Three Waterfront Designs: Toronto, Sandusky, & Detroit.” Tim will talk about the environmental and engineering challenges of transforming urban waterfronts including flood control, legacy contamination, and water quality, to name a few. Elizabeth will discuss the design challenges of creating new waterfront spaces including conceiving plans for key elements (waterfronts, public parks, gardens, university campuses, etc.), shaping the creation and restoration of a livable urban fabric, and integrating waterfront developments into urban areas.

Contact Tim at to learn more about the projects that Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates and LimnoTech have collaborated on to create beautiful and functional urban river waterfront environments, or to learn more about LimnoTech’s work on urban waterfronts.

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