May 29, 2019

Two District Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) projects were recently recognized for innovation in stormwater management as recipients of the 2019 Chesapeake Stormwater Network’s (CSN) Best Urban BMP in the Bay Area (BUBBA) awards. Each year the CSN recognizes exceptional projects in the Chesapeake Bay watershed across several categories with a Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award (BUBBA) competition. The winners are selected by CSN’s 11,000-member network of stormwater professionals. Projects are recognized for their innovative techniques in meeting the challenges of stormwater management, and for disseminating those techniques to communities who can benefit from the new technologies.

LimnoTech was part of the DOEE project teams who received the Overall Best Urban BMP in the Bay, and first and second place awards in the Best Stream Restoration in the Bay category. This category recognizes outstanding projects in the stream corridor that enhance the function, stability and ecosystem services of an urban stream.

The Alger Park Stream Restoration and Upland LID Project was voted the Overall Best Urban BMP in the Bay and received the first place award for Best Stream Restoration in the Bay. Led by DOEE, the winning project team included LimnoTech, Biohabitats, and Environmental Quality Resources. Working together, the team combined public and private space low-impact development (LID) in the upland areas with two different types of stream restorations in the stream valley to maximize restoration opportunities at the site to ensure environmental uplift. The restoration design focused on creating a natural, stable, self-sustaining stream; preventing mass wasting and downstream sediment transport; and improving in-stream and riparian habitat.

The Springhouse Run Stream Restoration Project received the second place award for Best Stream Restoration in the Bay. DOEE worked with LimnoTech and Underwood & Associates on the Springhouse Run restoration to reestablish a self-sustaining stream through a combination of regenerative stream channel and legacy sediment removal techniques. Located on U.S. National Arboretum property, the project established in‑stream structures and floodplain wetlands while replacing invasive species with native plants throughout the reach.

LimnoTech is honored to be part of the DOEE team recognized for outstanding stream restoration projects in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. We appreciate every opportunity to share our technological expertise with communities to help them manage stormwater and improve urban watersheds.

If you would like to learn more about our work and how we might be able to help you improve water resources in your community, contact Dan Medina at

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