Water Sustainability

Human alterations and demands on freshwater resources are growing rapidly. This is creating concerns about water scarcity and water quality, which can affect society, industry, and the health of aquatic ecosystems. Climate change will likely compound these problems. Our challenge as water professionals is to ensure that clean and sufficient water is available to support economic and social prosperity and to sustain freshwater ecosystems.

While we integrate the concepts of sustainability into our own business and all our projects, LimnoTech provides a specialized service area focused on Water Sustainability in several key areas:

We work with many different client sectors in these areas, and they tell us that they benefit from our broad expertise. We help cities plan and design green infrastructure to create sustainable, livable communities and healthy waterways while meeting regulatory requirements cost-effectively. We work with corporations to better understand water use in operations and the supply chain, and identify and quantify the benefits of reducing uses, minimizing risks, and mitigating impacts. We help power utilities better understand the complexities of the water/energy nexus and the potential benefits of sustainable water supply solutions such as water-efficient cooling technologies, reclaimed water sources, and collaborative watershed-based approaches for improved resource management. We work with agri-businesses to help them optimize their operations with limited water quantity and quality impacts.

Our clients require sustainable solutions that are grounded in the latest developments in water science and technology. Bringing new knowledge and tools to bear on complex problems has been a hallmark of our work since 1975.