Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

Today’s urban rivers and waterways are at the center of two major North American trends: an increased focus on sustainable practices to benefit the environment, and a population shift back to cities tied to a renewed emphasis on a livable urban environment. Both trends link naturally to the river or harbor at the heart of many cities, where these waterways function as a conduit for stormwater flows and sediment movement, provide opportunities for human interaction with the environment, serve as a focal point for urban parks and pathways, and define neighborhoods and districts.

Past industrial practices have often made urban waterways a blight in otherwise vibrant cities, or at best, an engineered system to be managed. But advances in management of stormwater and urban water quality have caused dramatic improvements in the quality and function of our rivers, and urban river restoration is already underway in many North American cities. City planners and administrators know that waterfront projects present complex challenges requiring a wide range of perspectives and broad expertise.

LimnoTech has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of urban waterways that has been developed over 35 years of technical work and regulatory interaction. Our long history of work in watersheds and urban hydrology, hydraulics and hydrodynamics, water quality and toxics, and sediment assessment and remediation makes us well equipped to address the complex suites of questions faced by urban waterfront developers. We also have a solid record of major waterfront redevelopment projects, giving us the capacity to understand how water and water issues fit in with the redevelopment design context, and the broader goals of a vibrant, living modern city.  

At LimnoTech, we are committed to bringing urban revitalization to cities worldwide, and we believe that a healthy relationship with water is the right place to start.