Watersheds and Waterways

Tremendous progress has been made in improving the quality of our water environment since passage of the Clean Water Act in 1972, but much work remains. While municipal and industrial discharges are well controlled, stormwater runoff still carries pollutants to our water bodies. Population increase and economic growth have brought increasing demands on water quality and quantity, and we are just beginning to understand how climate change impacts management of watersheds and waterways.

Today’s water resources managers need access to information and tools based on sound science to support decisions about water use, land development, regulatory compliance, ecosystem restoration, and related issues. Not only do problems need to be solved, but more and more clients demand sustainable solutions.

Since 1975, our clients have relied on LimnoTech to provide scientifically sound, objective, and cost-effective services related to analysis, planning, design, and compliance in the water environment. We have developed customized decision-support tools, such as computer models, and have pioneered new data collection and analysis techniques.

For watersheds and waterways, LimnoTech offers:

We help our clients understand their watersheds and waterways—and make the best decisions for their protection and restoration.

"I have been especially impressed with the modeling expertise at LimnoTech, not only in conceptualization, but also in building creative user interfaces and ways to display data and convey results. . . The modeling group is really top-notch, and it is a pleasure to work with the people there."

Joe Atkinson, State University of New York, Buffalo