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LimnoTech helped the Coca-Cola Company develop a list of watershed restoration activities and methods to quantify the benefits of those activities.
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Success Story

Quantifying Watershed Restoration Benefits in Community Water Partnership Projects


In 2007 The Coca-Cola Company set an aspirational 2020 goal to replenish a volume of water to nature and communities equal to its global sales volume and production. Coca-Cola worked to achieve this goal by participating in a wide variety of locally relevant projects that can be categorized as watershed protection and conservation, community drinking water and sanitation access, and water for productive community use.


LimnoTech, in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Global Environment and Technology Foundation (GETF), has supported Coca-Cola in identifying specific activities that generate replenish benefits, methodology development, and quantification of replenish benefits. LimnoTech has provided support for replenish workshops around the world, and helped implement Coca-Cola’s overall water strategy.

Methodology Development: Coca-Cola had to develop both a target and an assessment approach for measuring progress towards that target. Beginning in 2008, LimnoTech, in collaboration with TNC, identified project types and developed methodologies to quantify the water benefits of watershed restoration activities. The LimnoTech/TNC team identified potential restoration activities based on a review of Coca-Cola’s Community Water Partnership projects and an extensive literature review. The team then reviewed and evaluated available methods for quantifying the changes in water quantity and quality associated with restoration activities, and identified calculation methods for each activity type.

Replenish Workshops: LimnoTech, together with TNC, supported Coca-Cola in a series of workshops to help its business units and bottlers understand the quantification methods and plan future projects. LimnoTech staff conducted replenish workshops for Coca-Cola and its partners at eight locations on four continents.

Project Evaluation: Since 2009, LimnoTech has worked with Coca-Cola and its NGO partners to identify relevant watershed protection and water for productive use projects, quantify the water quantity and quality benefits, and annually report Coca-Cola’s replenish progress. For projects that generate replenish benefits, water quantity benefits and (where applicable) water quality benefits are calculated, and detailed “fact sheets” are prepared. To date, LimnoTech has quantified replenish benefits for hundreds of projects located in more than 50 countries.


On August 28, 2016, at World Water Week in Stockholm, Coca-Cola announced it had exceeded its goal five years ahead of schedule, becoming the first Fortune 500 Company to replenish its water use globally. LimnoTech continues to quantify and report replenish benefits to reflect Coca-Cola’s ongoing support for projects across the globe.

Replenish Achievement Announcement