Science in the Field

LimnoTech has the field experience, equipment and scientific understanding to run targeted sampling and experimental programs that support analytical needs and answer our clients’ questions.

We help our clients make better decisions using science and technology, but we know that the advanced science and modeling tools that we apply are only as good as the data that support them. For this reason, we constantly strive to find the best new ways to gather high-quality environmental data, and rapidly and efficiently assimilate that information into our technical evaluations. Our technical expertise flows into our field activities, with state-of-the-art equipment and data-gathering approaches. Our experienced field personnel play a major role in our modeling activities, ensuring that our analyses are grounded in real-world data.

Over the years, staff at LimnoTech have designed and conducted hundreds of hydrologic/hydrodynamic investigations, water quality studies, and biological surveys at sites throughout North America. We have field crews, boats and sampling equipment to conduct monitoring in soils, groundwater, and surface waters from the Great Lakes and coastal environments to local streams and estuaries. We are familiar with the full range of environmental contaminants and quality concerns, from nutrients to metals to recalcitrant organic contaminants. We are also well-versed in the field methods and laboratory protocols required for the highest level of data quality management.

Our field activities are complemented by a comprehensive understanding of water bodies and how they function. We have extensive experience in hydrodynamics, geomorphology, and the chemistry and biology of water. This experience allows us to design field efforts that are focused and effective, providing our clients with high-quality data to support informed decisions.