Professional development

Professional development


Professional development

Professional Development

Reward for Achievement

LimnoTech values and rewards high achievement within a supportive working community. Individual achievement is rewarded through a unique merit review process based on recommendations from colleagues at all levels of the company, plus positive feedback from clients. This system drives pay increases and increased project and corporate responsibility. We track individual progress annually to insure competitiveness within our industry and identify opportunities for targeted professional development.


Training is a continuous process for all LimnoTech staff, with mentor-protégé relationships as the foundation for career development. Internal workshop series are offered in project management, total quality management (TQM), technical writing, environmental regulations, and water quality modeling. Our employees widely teach and attend outside workshops, seminars, and technical conferences. We encourage individual initiative by promoting publications, presentations, and research (see Publications).


LimnoTech offers competitive compensation and an outstanding benefits package, including medical and dental coverage, 401k savings plan, ESOP, flexible benefits program, medical leave, and more.

Collaboration and Diversity

LimnoTech embraces teamwork, learning through mentorship, and continuous improvement. Our project teams are cross-disciplinary, helping our staff continually grow into new areas and levels of expertise. Collaboration between individuals with different perspectives fosters innovation.

We are committed to a diverse workforce and equal opportunity. Employees are hired and promoted solely on their competence to perform the work, without regard to age, race, religion, gender, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

"[In college] I got the sense that LimnoTech worked on interesting and technically challenging projects that would allow me to problem-solve creatively. I was encouraged to hear [my professors] say things like 'If I were to work in the consulting industry, that’s where I would want to work'."

Jeremy Grush, Environmental Engineer