Permits and Water Quality Regulations

Municipalities, public utilities, regulatory agencies, and others charged with safeguarding local water resources must deal with many issues affecting NPDES permits, watersheds, waterways, and ecosystems. These organizations are faced with developing, complying with, or changing water quality standards; preserving public and aquatic life uses of receiving streams; developing or complying with permit requirements; protecting drinking water; controlling stormwater and sewer overflows; and developing or reviewing TMDLs.

Clients need expert advice to understand and address these complex issues. Since 1975, LimnoTech has been a national leader in developing rational regulatory compliance strategies based on the latest science and technology. In many cases, our technical evaluations help allay concerns raised by regulated parties, regulatory agencies, and the public. In some instances, our powerful scientific tools and methods support our clients in litigation, helping them to avoid spending resources on unnecessary technologies or studies that will provide little environmental benefit.

Our clients depend on LimnoTech’s positive relationships with both regulated parties and regulatory agencies, in-depth knowledge of regulations across the country, and cost-effective data collection and system modeling expertise.

For permits and regulations, LimnoTech offers regulated parties, regulatory agencies, and other groups solutions to issues such as: