Contributing to Sustainable Clean Water Globally

When LimnoTech was founded in 1975, we were recognized as a Great Lakes regional consulting firm with roots in water quality research at the University of Michigan. Over the past four decades, our expertise has evolved as water resource needs have grown and become increasingly complex. At the same time, our geographic coverage has expanded, and our projects are now located in diverse regions around the globe.

Through our support to global companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, LimnoTech has analyzed the  water footprints of various crops and products matched to available resources to help companies understand their uses and risks. We have helped companies develop strategies for improving water practices and reduced risks; quantified the water benefits of numerous watershed restoration, irrigation and agricultural management projects; and been key players in helping develop new tools to address water scarcity.

LimnoTech staff have brought their expertise to numerous international watershed and water quality assessment projects. As an example, we worked on-site in New Zealand at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, where we developed a hydrodynamic and sediment-transport model to evaluate watershed loads and land use management strategies to protect coastal water quality for food production. We have also assessed eutrophication problems in highly stressed areas in China and India.

In recent years, LimnoTech has also been involved in groundbreaking work developing strategies to redesign urban areas and design new developments that better integrate human uses with environmental factors. One particular focus has been the integration of water use, sanitation, and urban runoff management to enhance the urban experience rather than posing challenges and hazards

Our international work addresses a broad range of water issues, including:

  • Improved Agricultural Productivity
  • Water Footprinting and Water Strategy Development
  • Water Benefit Quantification
  • Watershed and Water Quality Assessment
  • Urban Redesign

LimnoTech staff have conducted training and site assessments in more than three dozen countries worldwide.