Companies face numerous water-related challenges, ranging from water management in an increasingly water-scarce world, to stormwater and wastewater discharge concerns, to legacy contamination from historical discharges, and more. LimnoTech has a long history of helping our clients address environmental issues of yesterday and today, and prepare for a sustainable future.

Our services cover a variety of issues facing companies. We help our clients with legacy contamination concerns comply with the Clean Water Act, CERCLA, and other environmental requirements. We’ve helped negotiate realistic discharge permits for industries using environmental modeling and our regulatory experience. More recently, using the latest water science, we are helping companies better understand and improve their water use practices.

LimnoTech has more than three decades of experience serving corporations and working with regulators and regulated parties. We provide:

  • A tailored approach to your particular situation
  • The latest technology and scientific expertise
  • Knowledge of environmental regulations
  • Strong credibility with regulatory agencies
  • Clear communication of technical information