Going green in D.C.

Research demonstrated that green roofs can substanially reduce the amount of stormwater entering storm and sewer systems.

Going green in D.C.

The "Green Buildout Model" quantifies the stormwater management benefits of planting trees in the city.

Going Green in D.C.

Planting more trees and installing green roofs in Washington, D.C. will substantially reduce the amount of stormwater entering the District’s storm and sewer systems, according to an award-winning research project completed by LimnoTech and Casey Trees. The project was funded by a grant from the U.S. EPA.

"The Green Build-Out Model: Quantifying Stormwater Management Benefits of Trees and Green Roofs in Washington, D.C." received a 2007 Honor Award in Research from the American Society of Landscape Architects.

LimnoTech added a "green component" to the DC Water and Sewer Authority’s existing hydrologic and hydraulic model and used it to evaluate the potential for reduction in stormwater and CSO volumes. It also integrates GIS and hydrologic processes with smart ideas about green infrastructure. Findings showed reductions in stormwater discharge volume of up to 10% across the city, with up to a 22% reduction in combined sewer overflow (CSO) volumes. This would lead to reductions in pollutants being discharged into the District’s rivers and cost savings in pumping and treatment.

The research provides an innovative and powerful planning tool for stormwater management in DC, as well as information and modeling methodologies transferable to other municipalities.

"Water is a global problem and this [project] sets forth a model for cities to prove the benefits of trees and green roofs. It’s so impressive, easily understandable, and clear in its intention. It’s particularly impressive that there were multiple agencies involved. This is much needed and important work!"

2007 Professional Awards Jury Comments, American Society of Landscape Architects

To discuss the technical details of this project with one of our award winning team members, please contact Ryan O'Banion at 202-833-9140.

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